Pipeline Construction Services

PCS is a specialised company formed to undertake stand alone, JV or sub contract projects within the oil & gas sector. Utilising our specialised personnel and partners we carry out every aspect of a contract with commitment and ensure on time completion. Each individual element of our partnership is able to perform with their own reliable and highly skilled managament staff and equipment.

Manage Your Projects With Ease

Most pipeline construction projects are in location where the required skilled labour is not available, we at PCS can deploy our skilled teams that will enable the main contractor to manage the project with ease and confidence in all specialised areas.

Global Pipeline Construction Services

Recent PCS Projects:

  • NACAP DENYS. 75KM of 1200mm Wijngaarden – Westerschelde Oost NL.
  • DENYS NV. Fluxys VTN 11- Lot 1 (10032). BG.
  • DENYS NV. Fluxys 5,5km of 1200mm. BG.
  • DENYS NV. Fluxys , Gent – Merelbeke. 300mm BG.
  • DENYS NV. 10050 GU. Botlek,Rotterdam 3.9Km of 500mm NL.
  • DENYS ALPINE VOS. Gazelle Gas Pipeline 106Km of 1400mm. CZ.
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