Pipeline Construction Services

PCS consists of following disciplines:

  • ROW Topography: which will carry through the total contract with bending excellence and a precise as built chart.
  • Civil Engineering: Site Preparation. Supervision & Route (ROW) top soil removal, ditch excavation and soft cover backfill systems
  • Mechanical Engineering: AGI installations, Pipeline Construction, Pipe Stringing Pipe Bending, Manual & Automatic Welding Systems, Welding Procedure Development, Double Jointing Systems, Floating Head Sub Arc Welding reducing the mainline welding by up to 50%. Automatic Heat induction pre heating & Stress relieving
  • Non Destructive Testing: State of the art Internal/External X-Ray Crawlers Automatic Ultrasonic's
  • Pipe Coating, Grit Blasting, Shrink Wrap, Heat Induction Powder Coating, Painting
  • Pipeline Testing & Commissioning Rehabilitation, Pipe Replacement & Repair, internal cleaning, Intelligent pigging.
  • Implementation of HSE Safe work practice, Method Statements & Hazard analysis.

Pipeline Industry Services

PCS also operate as Mechanical Engineering Sub-Contractors carrying out the following services to the Pipeline Industry:

  • Construction Management, Equipment Supply & Recommendation
  • Pipeline Construction main line Pipe trailers, Side booms, Pay welders, Excavation machines
  • Pipe Fabrication & Installation Contractor Pipe fabrication units & related equipment
  • Main Line Welding Contractor Automatic Welding Systems
  • Construction Supervision Ditch excavation, backfill padding systems
  • Welding Procedures & Mechanical Evaluation Certification
  • Overseeing, Method statements & Quality Control
  • Automatic Welding System Development
  • Pipeline Rehabilitation Services
  • Skilled Pipeline Construction Supervision Personnel
Global Pipeline Construction Services

Recent PCS Projects:

  • NACAP DENYS. 75KM of 1200mm Wijngaarden – Westerschelde Oost NL.
  • DENYS NV. Fluxys VTN 11- Lot 1 (10032). BG.
  • DENYS NV. Fluxys 5,5km of 1200mm. BG.
  • DENYS NV. Fluxys , Gent – Merelbeke. 300mm BG.
  • DENYS NV. 10050 GU. Botlek,Rotterdam 3.9Km of 500mm NL.
  • DENYS ALPINE VOS. Gazelle Gas Pipeline 106Km of 1400mm. CZ.
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