About Pipeline Construction Services

Tony Orlando, Director PCS, has a long history in the Oil and Gas Pipeline Construction Industry spanning over 20 years & developing new systems that have enhanced construction procedures. We pride ourselves having a record and the ability to operate with a sense of urgency completing our construction tasks with the Health & Safety of our crews paramount.

Our Method Statements and Hazard Analysis procedures ensure that all personnel fully understand and work in a safe responsible manner. Tony has personally been engaged by Nacap, CRC-Evans, Integrated Petroleum Services, Alpine VOS, Mc Loughlin Pipelines and Bechtel on projects that span the globe; Algeria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, West Africa.

Global Pipeline Construction Services

Recent PCS Projects:

  • NACAP DENYS. 75KM of 1200mm Wijngaarden – Westerschelde Oost NL.
  • DENYS NV. Fluxys VTN 11- Lot 1 (10032). BG.
  • DENYS NV. Fluxys 5,5km of 1200mm. BG.
  • DENYS NV. Fluxys , Gent – Merelbeke. 300mm BG.
  • DENYS NV. 10050 GU. Botlek,Rotterdam 3.9Km of 500mm NL.
  • DENYS ALPINE VOS. Gazelle Gas Pipeline 106Km of 1400mm. CZ.
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