Our Partners

Our partners have been operating for many years leading the way with technology and development of new systems for the Non Destructive Testing of mechanical installations, Our expertise in design of new technology, highly skilled technicians, inspection audits & inspection personnel. We are interested in establishing assembly workshops in chosen developing countries training young candidates interested in this field to operate on new projects that come on stream with the minimising the need of foreign nationals.


We utilises Ultrasonic inspection equipment along with experienced qualified technicians. This allows for inspections on varying pipe sizes with immediate results able to be given. Our partner has recently invested in the latest state-of-the-art Phased Array ultrasonic inspection equipment, PIPEWIZARD which will deliver fast and reliable inspections of welds.


Our pipeline crawlers are designed to carry out inspections on pipe sizes ranging from 6" to 56". micro-processor technology allows the crawler to follow many different commands given by our technicians from outside the pipe.

Our services also extend to the design and build of crawlers which can be customised to meet special requirements.


As we have been in the forefront of x-ray technology development, digital technology will be no different but will enable diagnostic files to be sent throughout the world at the press of a computer key.

Contact us: info@pipelineconstructionservices.com

Global Pipeline Construction Services

Recent PCS Projects:

  • NACAP DENYS. 75KM of 1200mm Wijngaarden – Westerschelde Oost NL.
  • DENYS NV. Fluxys VTN 11- Lot 1 (10032). BG.
  • DENYS NV. Fluxys 5,5km of 1200mm. BG.
  • DENYS NV. Fluxys , Gent – Merelbeke. 300mm BG.
  • DENYS NV. 10050 GU. Botlek,Rotterdam 3.9Km of 500mm NL.
  • DENYS ALPINE VOS. Gazelle Gas Pipeline 106Km of 1400mm. CZ.
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